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Healthy News

Healthy News

Advantages of Deep Water Running
Deep water running is a terrific way to deal with and prevent injuries, and can also provide a great form of cross training.
Maddie Bridgeman
April: Adult Learn to Swim Month
The Swimming Saves Lives Foundation has launched a nationwide campaign to reduce the number of adult drownings.
Swimming Saves Lives Foundatio
Misconceptions of Aquatic Exercise
Break down the barriers that may have kept you from enjoying the full benefits of water exercise.
Monique Acton
For The Health of It - 10,000 Steps Per Day
Step to good health in a water exercise class!
Barbara S. Day
UPDATE: Bone Density Revelation
Follow-up to Previous article
Pamela G. Milling
Drowning Prevention
Pool safety saves lives!
Spas: Not Just For Sitting Anymore
Don’t be afraid to try something new and use a spa as your aquatic gym.
Monique Acton
Vitamin D - Make it Personal
A personal perspective on vitamin D deficiency.
Erica Elaine Wilson
Aquatic Exercise Association Fitness Professional Certification
About our Certification and why our professionals are the best in the world!
10 Top Reasons Why You Should Exercise In Water
Discover why everyone is heading for the pool!
Mark Grevelding
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