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April: Adult Learn to Swim Month
The Swimming Saves Lives Foundation has launched a nationwide campaign to reduce the number of adult drownings.
Swimming Saves Lives Foundatio
Get Involved - Hosting an Educational Event
Thinking about offering an AEA educational event at your facility? Some key points that will help to make the process run smoothly.
Pauline Ivens, MS
For The Health of It - 10,000 Steps Per Day
Step to good health in a water exercise class!
Barbara S. Day
AICR Health Talk - February 2014
Nutrition and exercise information for healthy lifestyle choices.
Karen Collins, MS, RD, CDN / American Institute for Cancer Research
Testing the Waters - Exercise Options for Osteoporosis
An exercise routine consisting of a combination of water exercise and land exercise is beneficial for people at risk, or with, osteoporosis.
Alana Gillenwater
Organizing Your Work Day – Is it possible?! Key factors to be functionally
Key factors to be functionally effective and efficient in your work day schedule.
Mick Nelson, Facilities Development Director for USA Swimming
Happy (No, Really) New Year!
Are you really, truly happy? If we were honest, most of us would respond with a reluctant no. Learn how to have a different answer next year.
Todd Patkin
Water Warriors
Providing the best possible rehab methods to injured soldiers should be a priority across the country.
Will Corley
Blood and Water: Aquatic Exercise Effects on Cardiovascular Disease
Several types of exercise should be used to prevent and manage cardiovascular disease so that treatment includes a wide range of physical aspects in an efficient, beneficial, and fun way.
Jeremy Wilson
Meet the Challenge: 12 Weeks to a Leaner, Healthier You
AICR Launches a Free, Research-Based, Expert-Guided Online Program For Weight Loss, Better Health and Cancer Prevention
American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR)
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