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Wednesday, January 15, 2014
AEA E-News Winter 2014 Edition
by Mark Grevelding, AEA E-News Editor 

AEA E-NEWS             Winter 2014

Editor:  Mark Grevelding

AEA E-News is the news you need to know!

IAFC 2014 Wellness Through Water
Weekend Events
March Madness
AEA Online
Join Julie for an Aquatic Revolution
Training AquaLogix Drag Resistance Equipment
 What's New
FITCO:  Liability Insurance for Fitness Professionals
AEA 2013
The Year In Review











IAFC 2014

Wellness Through Water

May 13 – 17, Palm Harbor, Florida

Sound the horns!  Registration for the 27th International Aquatic Fitness Conference (IAFC) will be opening soon.  It’s time to cast off your winter doldrums and put some Florida sunshine on your calendar.

IAFC is AEA’s crown jewel of educational excellence.  In 2014, attendees will choose from over 175 regular conference sessions and product demos.  There are over 75 presenters from around the world leading innovative education.  

There simply is not another fitness conference with such a vast international reach in the USA – possibly in the world.  Angie Proctor and Julie See deserve kudos for growing AEA and IAFC into an international powerhouse and for orchestrating such an enormous endeavor for 20 years.  Angie and Julie took over AEA 20 years ago this month.

Let’s take a look at what is trending in sessions and presenters in 2014.

Bring it on!  The face of aqua is changing and these sessions prove it.

Kombat Reload with Marco Gomes

Insane Aquatic Intervals with Lindsay Mondick and Lori Sherlock

Aquatic Athletic Drills with Joao Santos

Crazy for Choreography.   IAFC attendees are always polled on what they want to see more of and guess what makes the list every year?  You guessed it – choreography.   Here is a peak at some IAFC 2014 choreo sessions.

Deep Water in 32’s with Jackie Lebeau

Grounded Rebounded Pyramids with Pauline Ivens

WATERinMOTION 16 & 17 with Sara Kooperman and Manuel Velasquez

Pure Aqua with Mark Grevelding (You know I had to add myself to this list!)

FUN Is In.  Several 2014 sessions focus on ways to create a FUN fitness experience in the pool.

Fitness & Games with Waldir Assad

Off The Wall – Themed Classes with Susan Abel Sullivan

Play & Train with Javier Bergas and Mushi Harush

It’s Showtime 4 with Mimi Rodriguez Adami

Golden Trends.  The population is aging and IAFC 2014 has it covered.

Mature Boot Camp with Norma Shechtman

ABC For Seniors with Tinoca Senra

Golden Age Seniors with Evelyn & Greg Keyes

Mature Moves II with Steph Toogood

Hard Core.  Core training is still popular across the globe as evidenced by the IAFC 2014 schedule.

Revolutionary Core Workout with Maria Sabater

Ball & Core with Mee Ja Kim

Deep Core Power with Craig Stuart

Core on Command with Stephanie Thielen

Hop On.  The Hydrorider team is showcasing aqua bikes, treadmills and the Acqua Pole, which was a fan favorite last year.

IAFC Intensives.  New in 2014, these are extended sessions jam-packed with practical skills and instructional techniques.

Aqua Relax Body & Soul with Ricardo Maia & Joao Regufe

X-Core with Laurie Denomme and Julie See

Choreography:  Routine to Ritual with Julie See and Tinoca Senra

Korea Rising.   Korea has one of the most active bases of AEA certified instructors and members outside of the USA.   It is no mystery why their presence is growing at IAFC.  This year they will have five presenters on the schedule, including Mee-Ja Kim, Yeon-Ju Kim, Yeon-Kyung Kye, Sun-Young Lim and Gyoung Min Cho.

Man Power.  The Italian female presenters - Deborah Benetti, Giorgia Collu, Mimi Rodriguez Adami, Silvia Senati and Irma Stramaglia - have been ruling at IAFC for the last couple of years.  This year they are in for some competition from two new male presenters from Italy.  Look for sessions from Ivan De Luca and Marco Gagliassi.  The Italians have a large international contingent but the top honor goes to…

Portugal is in the house.  This small European country has the largest international contingent of presenters.  There must be something in the water over there!  The Fab 8 from Portugal includes Rui Azevedo, Marco Gomes, Ricardo Maia, Joao Regufe, Joao Santos, Pedro Santos, Flavia Yazigi and of course the Portugal Boss Lady – Tinoca Senra – who currently lives in Spain.

Research Rocks.  The AEA Research Committee has three cutting edge “Research to Practice” sessions on the schedule.

Aquatic Resistance Training with June Chewning and Paulo Poli de Figueiredo

Aquatic Power to Function with Nino Aboarrage and Lori Sherlock

Building Bone Density with Mushi Harush and Mary Wykle

Say What?  You are just going to have to look these up in the session descriptions.

Bata Bing with Julie See

Flight 2014 with Laura Ribbins

Detox in a Box with Roxana Brasil

Yobolates with Daniela De Toia

The Trailblazers.   Take a look at an IAFC schedule from 15-20 years ago and many of the same presenters are on the schedule in 2014.  Congrats to industry pioneers, including June Chewning, Mushi Harush, Pauline Ivens, Terri Mitchell, Marti Peters, Laura Ribbins, Julie See, Ruth Sova, Sandy Stoub, Craig Stuart and all of the IAFC veterans who have revolutionized the aquatic fitness industry.

Zumba! Aqua Zumba is back in full force and Zumba Fitness returns with some wild land master classes as well.  Join the IAFC Zumba Team, Jenna Bostic, Richard Gormley and Tony Witt for some serious dance workouts.

This is just a small sampling of IAFC 2014. 



IAFC 2014 – Wellness Through Water

2014 Weekend Events

March Madness

In addition to IAFC, AEA also offers over 60 weekend events a year in the USA.  Get ready, get set – the calendar is open!  Register early.  AEA sold out 65% of their events last year.

February 22 & 23, Charlottesville, VA

AEA Training Specialist (ATS) Jackie Lebeau will be rocking one of AEA’s newest workshops – AquaBata Shallow.

March 1 & 2, Philadelphia, PA

This event includes one of AEA’s newest workshops – H2O Body Sculpting and Resistance Training.  Join ATS Monique Acton for two full days of workshops.

March 7-9, Lake Forest, IL

Get ready for a certification and two full days of workshops here – including some of my own.  I am looking forward to returning to this facility. 

March 8 & 9, Portland, OR

We have to keep adding events in Portland because they keep selling out.   Lori Templeman (ATS) will be rocking both the deep and shallow ends.

March 15 & 16, San Mateo, CA

This event features a certification and the AquaBata Shallow, as well as a newly revised Circuit Applications workshop.  ATS Lindsay Mondick is BRINGING it.

March 22 & 23, Knoxville, TN

There is two full days of workshops here.  ATS Teresa Triche will be leading AquaBata Shallow and three other workshops.

March 29 & 30, West Bloomfield, MI

Talk about diversity, this event features Aquatic Kickboxing and Successful Senior Strategies.  Jackie Lebeau (ATS) is all over it.

Coming in April:  The first weekend in April is banging!  We have FOUR events scheduled that weekend.  Cincinnati, OH, Minneapolis, MN, Pinedale, WY and New Britain, CT (I can’t wait to see my New England buddies in New Britain!)

Not seeing a location near you?  Well get busy and host an event.  Contact Dee for host request forms.



Join Julie For an Aquatic Revolution

Happy New Year!  AEA’s Director of Education, Julie See has launched the New Year with some online motivation.   Join Julie on AEA’s Facebook page and on our social network, AEA Aquatic Revolution.  On Tuesdays, we will feature Mardi Aqua.  Mardi Gras is French for Fat Tuesday.  At AEA, Mardi Aqua means Water Tuesday, a time to share a video clip that embraces our Celebration of Movement.  “AEA is about opening communication across the globe to reach more people with aquatic fitness and what better way than to show the joy of movement,” says Julie.
Check back in on Thursdays for Education Ignition, which features a short message to boost your success in aquatic fitness.  According to Julie, AEA wants to reach the aquatic professionals, as well as the aquatic enthusiasts.  “Our goal is to bring the AEA community closer.”  She adds, “Each week AEA will share something to ignite your passion and REV up your motivation for training in the pool.  Jump into the conversation because our goal is spark interaction.”
Social media is one way AEA can reach the world with the wonders of water!  Check us out at Facebook for a new opportunity to stay active with your association.  

Join the AEA Aquatic Revolution Network and LIKE the Aquatic Exercise Association’s Facebook page.

AquaLogix Drag Resistance Equipment

AquaLogix Fitness is not new to the aquatic fitness industry.  They have been in business for 10 years.  However, many AEA fitness professionals may not be familiar with their equipment.  That is about to change.  AEA and AquaLogix Fitness will be partnering in 2014 and their drag resistance equipment will be showcased at IAFC and utilized in select AEA workshops.

AEA is excited to partner with AquaLogix Fitness because there has been a void in accessible drag resistance equipment for the last few years.  AquaLogix’s upper body equipment features the hand held omni-directional bells, offered in three styles  – All-Purpose, High Speed and Max Resistance.    Their lower body drag resistance equipment features blades that attach as a cuff on the ankle to provide resistance in all directions.  They are offered in High Speed and Max Resistance.

AquaLogix Fitness has been making news these days; having their equipment utilized by both the U.S. military and by professional athletes.  Their equipment and training philosophy represents a more athletic and intense form of training in the water and that should fit in nicely with AEA’s efforts to reach out to active Baby Boomers and a younger generation.

AquaLogix is equally excited about the new partnership.  “AEA represents the best aquatic product and training knowledge in the industry and AquaLogix is proud to exemplify aquatic drag resistance technology and be a part of the aquatic wellness vibration AEA stands for,” says Tad Stout, founder and inventor of AquaLogix Fitness.

AEA fitness professionals will get to try out the equipment at IAFC and select weekend events where the equipment is used in workshops.   You can also look for AquaLogix in AKWA ads, AEA email ads and on the AEA website. 

Check out their website


FITCO – Liability Insurance for Fitness Professionals

One of the questions most frequently asked by AEA certified professionals is where they can obtain fitness liability insurance.  Good news!  Venbrook Insurance Services has rebranded their fitness insurance and is partnering with AEA to offer discounts to AEA certified professionals.


Venbrook has been offering liability insurance to fitness professionals for over 20 years.  The product had been known in recent years as  The liability insurance now offered by Venbrook is called FITCO.  According to Venbrook insurance representative, Matt Creith, “Nothing has really changed, Venbrook is still in charge of everything.”   He says Venbrook remains dedicated to a quick turnaround time for all requests.   “Instead of talking to an automated system, you will always reach a live person at Venbrook,” he adds.


Venbrook recommends insurance for anyone who instructs fitness training, aquatic exercise, yoga, swim instruction, weight lifting, group classes and even dance.  “In the event that a client is injured as a result of your instruction, it is always a good idea to protect yourself and your business, “ says Creith.

Venbrook offers the average $1 million policy preferred by most fitness professionals for $230.00 per year.  AEA certified instructors receive a discount of $15.00.    The rebranding is so new that there is only a basic web page up at the moment. Venbrook plans to have a more comprehensive and stylized website up within the month.

Please visit their webpage for details on their insurance plans.

AEA 2013

The Year in Review


AEA experienced steady growth in 2013 – in certification, membership and in services provided.  The aging population and the increase in demand for aquatic exercise programming are helping to boost the number of instructors getting certified.  With the economy improving, sold-out events were the norm rather than the exception. A summer membership drive and the referral efforts of our loyal members also helped increase AEA Membership in 2013.

Below are some of the contributing factors to a successful year.

January - Registration opens for IAFC 2013 – Discover A New L’Attitude.  IAFC debuts in the Tampa Bay Area after being in Orlando from 2004-2012.

February - New AEA workshop debut, Boot Camp Deep, after a successful launch of Boot Camp Shallow.

March - New affilates and first-time IAFC vendors were announced and they included:  AcquaPole, Aqquatix, Body Bar (Aqua Flex Program), Bow Swim, EggHead Soques and NZ Manufacturing.

April - AEA weekend events sold out at six locations in March & April.

May - IAFC 2013 is a smashing success according to evaluations and word of mouth.  Attendees loved the new location at Innisbrook Resort in Palm Harbor, FL.

June - New DVDs in the AKWA SHOP.  Innovative Aquatics released five new DVDs from international presenters, Rui Azevedo, Giorgia Collu, Silvia Senati and Julie See.  DVD sales were up in 2013!

July - The AKWA E-source Guide, an online shopping guide that contains over 75 vendor listings of everything and anything to do with aquatic fitness was introduced in the Members Only Area of the AEA website.

August - The association got bigger!  A membership drive was launched and heartfelt thanks go out to all who participated by sponsoring new members.

September - AEA Online Education is smoking hot.   Due to demand, several new CEC courses were added in 2013.

October - Traffic is up in the Members Only area of the AEA website, which includes features such as the revamped Class Tips, highlighting creative ideas for cardio, toning and stretching by the Triple Delight team.

November - AEA Regional Conferences are held in Charlotte, NC and Binghamton, NY.

December - Angie and the AEA staff are busy putting the finishing touches on IAFC 2014 – Wellness Through Water.

And so we begin yet another year!   On behalf of AEA I would like to thank all of our members and certified instructors for a successful year.  Your support, your business and your loyalty are deeply appreciated by all of us here at AEA. 

• Certified Professionals & Members in over 45 countries
• Professional Education, Training and Networking Opportunities
• Weekend Specialty Events & Certification
• Excellent Products and Industry Resources in the AKWA Shop