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Sunday, July 28, 2013
AEA E-News Summer 2013 Edition
by Mark Grevelding, Editor 

AEA E-News       Summer 2013

Editor-Mark Grevelding

AEA E-News is the news you need to know!  

    • AEA 2013 Membership Drive:  Game On! - 1000 New Members
    • AKWA E-Source Guide: New!  AEA Members Only Shopping Directory
    • AEA Events: 2013 AEA Regional Conferences
    • Making a Difference: AEA & MSAA Collaboration
    • INSPIRE:  AEA Members Are Getting Inspired
    • IAFC 2013: Magical Memories & Photos

All this and more in this edition of AEA E-News!

Game On: 1000 New Members

AEA Membership Madness begins July 28!

Last week, we emailed an AEArticle exclusive detailing AEA Membership 101 – a complete breakdown of all the benefits and services an AEA membership provides. Now, please join AEA and help us build our membership in this fun drive that YOU can win big from!

AEA's livelihood depends on membership and that is how we keep our industry strong and thriving.

We are making the AEA Membership Madness Drive fun for you because we need your skills. Help build the base and extend our outreach to enthusiasts worldwide starting with your classes and colleagues.

Recruit New Memberships!
Recruit new AEA Members from your class participants, colleagues, family & friends during our 6 weeks of Membership Madness.
ALL Top 25 Weekly Recruiters are the first 25 AEA Members recruiting 10 new memberships during each week (Thursday through Wednesday).

ALL Top 25 Weekly Recruiters will receive the new AEA Splash Tote Bag and the special gift of the week, valued at over $50.00!  Each week, the special gift will change but one thing remains the same…ALL Top 25 Weekly Recruiters win big!

ALL Top 25 Weekly Recruiters are automatically entered into the Membership Madness Drawing to be held October 1, 2013.

Grand Prize Drawings Include:

  • Private AEA Educational Weekend at YOUR Facility.
  • Evo Portable Sound & Microphone System
  • IAFC Full Conference Registration for YOU & A FRIEND
  • IAFC Deluxe Hotel Room Accommodations for 5 nights for YOU
  • Gift Cards & More

Membership Matters!
Maybe you won’t quality as a Top 25 Weekly Recruiter but your efforts will still be rewarded! Simply recruit a total of 10 or more new AEA Members during the Membership Madness Drive from August 1 through September 11. You will automatically be entered into a special drawing for AEA Prizes & More!

Game on!  Membership Madness Incentives
Top 25 Weekly Recruiters for the week of August 1-7 receive the AEA Tote Bag and a $75.00 gift certificate for

Check your inbox every Tuesday Evening to find out the weekly incentive for the remaining 5 weeks of Membership Madness.

5 Tips For Successful Recruiting

1. Read the AEArticle detailing AEA’s global accomplishments & the multitude of membership benefits.
2. Prepare a three-minute introduction of AEA Membership – a brief, cheerful explanation that can be delivered to students and clients during the warm-up or shared in a conversation with colleagues, friends and family.
3. Emphasize the following benefits that aqua enthusiasts receive from a membership:
• New AKWA E-Source guide that provides one stop shopping to over 75 aquatic fitness vendors
• 10-30% discounts on many purchases
• AKWA Magazine – the only magazine dedicated solely to aquatic exercise
• Free videos, pictorials and aquatic exercise tips at the Members Only Area of the website
4. Be prepared to share at least one benefit that an AEA Membership has afforded you. EX: “My AEA Membership provides me with ideas for improving health and fitness in the water, thanks to member resources.”
5. Come prepared with Membership Information Cards (see below); tell students/clients to take a card if they are interested and make yourself available after class for questions.

Be sure to tell potential members to list your full name as the "Referred By" when they purchase the membership.  When purchasing online, there will be a place to input the person they were referred by during check out. Just to be safe, try to keep track of people you recruit in case they don’t input your name.


You can download and print sheets that contain four membership cards. Simply cut the sheets up and bring the cards into class. A thicker card stock paper can be used if you want a more authentic postcard. MEMBERSHIP PROMO CARD

No problem. AEA has printed copies and we’ll be happy to mail you some. Please email  Place your order by listing your full name, address and amount of cards you would like mailed to you.


The link below will take you directly to this article detailing AEA Membership benefits

Full AEArticle

Exercising in the water is a passion for many. This passion will only grow as the population ages. Help people take their passion to the next level. Knowledge is power.

Three minutes is all it takes. Three minutes to provide information about a resource that people do not know is available to them. AEA Membership resources have changed the way people exercise in the water and are now changing the way people age.


The AEA Facebook Page Has a New Look

You're not going to just 'like" the revamped Facebook page, you are going to love it. AEA Membership is a network of like-minded people and the AEA Facebook page provides a way for our members to connect. Just added: over 40 pictures of IAFC memories. We will be using our Facebook page more frequently for networking, information, incentives, hot sales and more. Don't miss out. "Like us" today!

NEW! AEA Membership E-Signature

Perfect for Email Signatures
As we make the drive to 1000 new members, we encourage our loyal members to display their member status loud and proud with an email signature designed with our new logo. How do you get your AEA Member signature for your email?

Log into the Members Only area of the website and click on Resources.
Download the image and save to your computer.

Having Trouble? No problem, email for your email signature logo!


NEW! AEA Members Only Shopping Directory

The Members Only area of the website, the Resources section, will be home to this new exclusive feature for AEA Members. The AKWA E-Source Guide contains over 75 vendor listings of everything and anything to do with aquatic fitness. Vendor categories include apparel / swimwear, self-guided fitness, DVDs / CDs, aquatic equipment, music, aquatic audio, books / references / publications and health / beauty.

Members will be able to log in and shop online with this comprehensive E-Source Guide. Furthermore, instructors will now be able to refer students and colleagues to one comprehensive shopping guide when they ask where to buy shoes, swimsuits, belts and all the things an aqua enthusiast needs. The students will have to become a member in order to access the guide and take advantage of the 10-30% discounts that many of the vendors offer. With memberships as low as $48.00 a year, it is well worth it as they can also enjoy all the other benefits an AEA Membership provides, as detailed in the AEAarticle that was emailed last week.

And how do you provide information regarding AEA Membership to your students & colleagues? We got you covered! Read all about it above – AEA 2013 Membership Drive. 

Don’t forget to log in and check out the NEW AKWA E-Source Guide in the Members Only Area – Resources.


2013 AEA Regional Conferences

Sound the horns! The regionals are coming! The regionals are coming! It is that time of year again. Time to unveil the regional hoopla. AEA offers one or two regional conferences in the fall. And yes, it is a bonus year – there are two.
Charlotte, NC         November 7-9
Binghamton, NY    November 22-24

What is a regional? AEA Regional Conferences feature two days of multiple sessions with multiple presenters and an additional day of pre-conference programs. Five of IAFC 2013’s top rated presenters will be leading the sessions in Charlotte and Binghamton. AEA’s 2013 Aquatic Fitness Professional Award recipient, Laurie Denomme, headlines the cast of presenters that also includes AEA President, Julie See, international dynamo, Silvia Senati, and two AEA trainers – Stephanie Thielen and Mark Grevelding (That’s me).

Many of IAFC’s highest rated sessions will be offered, including Silvia’s ACP Circuit, Julie’s D.E.E.P.E.R, Laurie’s HI-YO Empower and my Aqua Add-It. And for sure you do not want to miss Stephanie’s Aquatic Boot Camp: Signature Workouts. According to Angie, it was the largest session of IAFC 2013. The regional schedule is a balanced blend of shallow choreography, deep cardio, equipment use and mind & body. Attendees will be able to choose between aquatic workshops and Dry Dock sessions, which feature practical classroom aquatic fitness education.

The regional conferences will both be held at city locations with hotels, making the weekend an invigorating educational experience blended with lots of fun socializing. Lunches are provided during the full conference days and select vendors will be on hand for your shopping needs.

The regional brochure is coming soon!  Make sure to check those emails!

See you at an AEA Regional Conference this fall!
NEW! AEA & Multiple Sclerosis Association of America Collaboration

Aquatic Exercise & Multiple Sclerosis: A Healthcare Professional’s Guide is a collaborative effort between the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA) and the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers, International Organization of Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation Therapists and Aquatic Exercise Association. This 48-page guideline serves as a comprehensive manual explaining the discipline of aquatics and multiple sclerosis (MS), covering topics such as research studies, patient assessments, the unique properties of water, and sample exercise techniques. MSAA and AEA are currently working to develop an Online Education course, based upon this manual, which will soon be available at the AEA Website. 

More information will be available in the August/September issue of AKWA magazine. In the meantime, please visit to see how MSAA is a leading resource for the entire MS community, improving lives today through vital services and support.

AEA is proud to work hand-in-hand with other non-profit organizations, educational associations and aquatic companies to increase awareness of aquatics on a global scale.

NEW! AEA Members Are Getting Inspired

AKWA Magazine Editor, Julie See, is launching a new column in the upcoming August/September edition. Do you have some instructional inspiration you would like to share?

Instructor Network: Share – Promote – Innovate – Renew – Educate

Some of our best teaching strategies are copied or adapted from other professionals “in the trenches” with us. AKWA magazine provides an opportunity to share what we have found to work well in our classes. As we know from our study for AEA certification, a leader must target the participants’ exercise needs while keeping the sessions interesting, fun, varied, socially valuable, educational, etc. Quite a challenge isn’t it?

INSPIRE is a new column for instructor networking to share, promote, innovate, renew and educate one another with ideas from the AEA global community.

INSPIRE Contributions can follow this simple outline:
1. Leader’s Name & Facility
2. Characteristics of the Class & Participants
3. Purpose of the Activity
4. Procedure
5. Positive Results

Send your own ideas to Julie See, AKWA Editor, at

Not getting AKWA Magazine? Not a member? Jump on the Membership Drive and become a member today!
AEA Membership

IAFC 2013

Magical Memories & Photos

The International Aquatic Fitness Conference (IAFC) 2013 is now just a memory, but what a magical memory it is. Stunning weather, a gorgeous NEW location, a bustling expo, energetic presenters, passionate attendees – everything lined up to produce the perfect week.

My favorite memory was driving my car around the property and seeing IAFC attendees riding their bikes and walking around the Innisbrook Resort with smiles on their faces. It was a long, hard winter for many and IAFC provided a sun- drenched week of bliss, peace and aqua joy. Good news! We are going for a repeat! IAFC returns to Innisbrook next year.

What makes IAFC so special? Check out some comments from IAFC 2013 attendees and then behold the magic of IAFC in some truly inspirational photo tributes.

IAFC is vital for professional growth in its highest form. IAFC week never disappoints. The variety of sessions is like no other event. Great knowledge is within your grasp when you sign up for an amazing week. I can't stop telling anyone I meet how IAFC can change your life.
Pauline Vargas, San Francisco, CA
Aquatic Fitness Professional and AquaStretch Facilitator, IAFC Attendee for 12 years

I attend a combination of IAFC and weekend trainings because I am passionate about my continuing development and because I have made aquatic fitness my personal health plan. I am healthy; I am strong; I am motivated to remain that way my entire life. I always leave IAFC fully inspired to be the best and to give ever more to my aquatic community. The love and caring exhibited at IAFC...I can't say enough about all my aqua friends I've met over the years.
Luis Vargas, San Francisco, CA
Professional AEA Aquatic Fitness Instructor, IAFC Attendee for 12 years

I've had the opportunity to meet people from all parts of the globe and to be trained by the best in the world. I enjoy meeting new people and renewing friendships. Overall, I find IAFC to be both cost and time effective. And I am able to earn a large number of CEUs for the money.
Michelle Del Valle, Powell, OH

Aquatic Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, IAFC Attendee for 4 years

IAFC has everything you need to build an aquatics program for all fitness levels, ages and pool environments. I was able to bring back DVDs and notes from my classes to build the lesson plan library for student instructors. From the site selection to session selection, to food, to parties, to the final day, everything was so energizing yet relaxing and enjoyable. I made so many new friends and university connections. Thank you for bringing us together. I plan to journey back next year.

Pam Wiggins, Midway, AL
Auburn University, Campus Recreation – Group Fitness Assistant Director, Returned to IAFC this year after a hiatus of a few years

I have attended several conferences for fitness professionals over the past 10 years and attending IAFC was beyond what I could have expected! I genuinely enjoyed my first IAFC experience and will be attending every year from now on. Alternating between lectures and pool time is fun AND you get to take classes on subjects that you may never have thought of before. I know where my strengths and weaknesses are in my aquatic abilities so I tried to take classes to help me improve both of those areas.

Jenni Lynn Patterson, Manhattan, NY
Aquatic Fitness Professional, First time IAFC attendee

Check out the magic yourself in the following photo salutes to IAFC 2013.

Thanks to Mundo Hidro for their Portuguese passion and this amazing photo tribute.  WATCH IT HERE!

Thanks to everyone’s favorite IAFC Paparazzi, Debra Zimmerman – we look forward to her photo extravaganza every year. Kudos Debra!  CLICK TO VIEW!

We can’t wait to show you Gary Glassman’s breathtaking photo salute to the beauty of both Innisbrook and the gorgeous Gulf Coast – but we are saving it for 2014 promotions! (We’re not stupid!) Trust me, when you see these photos you will be packing your bags.

And lastly, did you notice the new IAFC photos on the AEA website homepage? Oh yeah…100+ IAFC 2013 photos appear in a slide show on the home page. Be sure to check it out. Big thanks to our super IAFC staff photographers, Carolyn, Sheryl and Troy.

IAFC 2014
May 13-17
Innisbrook Resort, Palm Harbor, FL


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• Professional Education, Training and Networking Opportunities
• Weekend Specialty Events & Certification
• Excellent Products and Industry Resources in the AKWA Shop