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Wednesday, May 14, 2014
AquaStretch™ Foundations
by Laurie Denomme 

AquaStretch™ Foundations

AquaStretch™ was primarily created and developed for fitness and wellness, to be provided by fitness trainers, athletic trainers, yoga instructors and others who provide fitness training.

The NEW AEA Affiliate Course – AquaStretch™ Foundations by Exercise Elements –teaches the AquaStretch™ technique through an interactive workshop and is offered at AEA Education Events.

Why attend AquaStretch™ Foundations?

·     Course upholds the original teachings of AquaStretch™ creator, George Eversaul.

·     Registration includes a copy of the #1 selling AquaStretch™ Foundations Manual.

·     Information is presented in a simple, organized and easy to learn format.  

·     Led by a qualified instructor to small groups allowing for more personalized attention.

·     Receive a certificate verifying 8-hours of AquaStretch™ theoretical and practical training.

·     Approved for continuing education by: AEA 8.0, ACE 0.8, AFAA 6.0 and ATRI 8.0.



There are no pre-requisites for participation in this course.  However,general knowledge of anatomy is helpful in understanding the use and effectiveness of the technique.  Though not mandatory, it is recommended that course participants have some experience working with clients one-on-one because AquaStretch™ is an assisted stretching technique and cannot be done in group-exercise.


Scope of Practice

People using AquaStretch™ for fitness and wellness are reminded tostrictly follow their scope of practice and these important guidelines:

·     Follow certification and/or licensure parameters as well as any regulations imposed by professional liability insurance and state or regional law.

·     Do not make any claim that AquaStretch™ is being used as a therapy and/or to treat any special medical problem. 

·     Participants should have been given medical clearance to participate in an exercise program and should sign an appropriate informed consent / waiver of liability.

·     No matter what the specific client complaint,trainers are strongly encouraged to use the complete series of stretches targeting the entire body whenever reasonably possible.

AquaStretch™ should not be done in the following situations:

1.    If the client suspects they may have a soft tissue tear or bone fracture.

2.    If the client is involved in litigation, i.e., following an automobile or industrial accident.

3.    If the client is taking prescription narcotics and/or has a substance abuse problem.


Why Learn the AquaStretch™Technique?

Oftentimes people are not able to exercise because they have an existing pain or restriction in movement.  With AquaStretch™ you may restore flexibility or remove pain enabling them to either start or maintain exercise sessions with you.

As a wellness modality, AquaStretch™ can cause people to “get addicted to feeling good”.  Once a person enjoys having a pain free body or sleeps better after A/S, they become intolerant to having pain and not being able to sleep well.  They often become motivated to improve diet and exercise regularly, since they can move without pain.

AquaStretch™ Business Basics

How long is a session? 

Oftentimes, AquaStretch™is offered as a stand-alone service sold in 30-minute sessions.  Another popular option is to add AquaStretch™into aquatic personal training sessions in a 45 or 60-minute format. 

How soon after attending AquaStretch™Foundations can I start charging for sessions?

Immediately, if they choose.  The most important lesson for course participants is to put the skills learned immediately into practice to develop skills and gain confidence. Whether AquaStretch™ is used with family, colleagues or clients the question of billing is a personal decision.

How much do I charge? 

Fees charged vary based on facilitator credentials, experience and geographical region.  Oftentimes it is a comparable rate to personal training or massage therapy

What type of pool do I need? 

Ideal pool features for AquaStretch™ include:

·     Water depth from 3-5 feet, factoring in on facilitator and client height.

·     Pool configuration with a corner,curve, or alcove.

·     Water temperature 85 to 94 degrees Fahrenheit (29 to 34 degrees Celcius). 

Most times the ideal pool is not available.  You can accommodate to most pool situations that have close enough features to the ideal.


What equipment and apparel do I need?

HYDRO-FIT provides everything you need to facilitate an AquaStretch™ session.

·     One pair of 8 lb – 10 lb weights

·     One buoyant neck collar

Also, helpful are a weighted belt and shoes for the facilitator.


Recently, H2oWearcreated AquaStretch™ logo apparel and AEA Members can take advantage of their discount when ordering.  Laurie Denomme,says, "My AquaStretch™ logo jacket helps get me noticed!  As people walk by I can hear them asking,'what is AquaStretch™?'  While keeping me warm and looking professional this comfortable attire also serves as my talking business card!"

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