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9/14/20149/14/2014WaterfordMIUS Sports Conditioning / Programming for Common Medical Conditions
9/20/20149/21/2014Bonita SpringsFLUS Aquatic Exericse Education with Laurie Denomme
9/20/20149/21/2014Fairfield (Cincinnati)OHUS Shallow & Deep H20 Training / Sports Conditioning Workshops
9/26/20149/28/2014ClarkstonWAUS Shallow & Deep H20 Training Workshop
9/27/20149/28/2014Ewa BeachHIUS Hawaii 2014 Aqua Seminar with Pauline Ivens
10/4/201410/5/2014MadisonWIUS Wisconsin 2014 Aqua Seminar with Pauline Ivens
10/10/201410/11/2014BountifulUTUS Utah 2014 Aqua Seminar with Pauline Ivens
10/25/201410/26/2014Des PeresMOUS Missouri 2014 Aqua Seminar with Pauline Ivens
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