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AEA Certification & Workshops


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AEA Educational Programs are designed to help Aquatic Fitness Professionals expand knowledge in specific populations, formats and programming. These programs, created by industry leaders, are offered exclusively by AEA Trainers.

3/13/20153/15/2015ManassasVAUS AEA Certification Exam / Aquatic Cardio Programs / Successful Senior Strategies / H2O Body Sculpting & Resistance Training
3/14/20153/15/2015MinnetonkaMNUS AEA Certification / H2O Body Sculpt & Resistance Training / Next Level Noodle
3/14/20153/15/2015KentOHUS AEA Certification / Deeper Applications 2 / Next Level Noodle
3/27/20153/29/2015New BritainCTUS AEA Certification / Upper Body, Core & More / Next Level Noodle / Aquatic Options
3/28/20153/29/2015Mont BelvieuTXUS AEA Certification / Boot Camp Shallow / H2O Body Sculpting & Resistance Training
4/10/20154/11/2015PortlandORUS AEA Certification / AquaBata Shallow / Next Level Noodle
4/10/20154/12/2015KnoxvilleTNUS AEA Certification / AEA Approved CEC Workshops
4/11/20154/12/2015ColumbiaSCUS AEA Certification / AquaBata Shallow / Successful Senior Strategies
4/17/20154/19/2015SpokaneWAUS AEA Certification / Aqua Free & Circuit h2O / Dual Aqua / Sha-Deep / Aquatic Kick Boxing
4/25/20154/26/2015WashingtonPAUS Aquatic Kick Boxing / Aquatic Interval Applications / PiYoChi Cardio Intervals / Next Level Noodle
4/25/20154/26/2015ScherervilleINUS AEA Certification / Aquatic Circuit Applications 2 / Deeper Applications 2
4/25/20154/26/2015Port AngelesWAUS AEA Certification / H2O Body Sculpting & Resistance Training / Successful Senior Strategies
6/13/20156/14/2015MetairieLAUS AEA Certification / H2O Body Sculpting & Resistance Training / AquaBata Shallow
6/13/20156/14/2015Great FallsMTUS AEA Certification / AquaBata Shallow / Rated M for Mature
11/14/201511/15/2015New BritainCTUS New Britain Regional Aquatic Fitness Conference
12/4/201512/5/2015San DiegoCAUS AEA Regional Aquatic Fitness Conference
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