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AEA offers scholarships and research funding to individuals and academic agencies to further promote safe and effective aquatic fitness.  These funds are donated by private agencies, individuals and or are built from membership and certification renewal revenue when applicable. 

Scholarships may be awarded to individuals for educational financial aid, weekend events and or conferences hosted by AEA as well as select AEA CEC Providers and Affiliates.  Please email for more information.

Letter of Intent Includes:

  • Personal Essay
  • Age Requirement - must be 16 years of age
  • Justified Documentation - professional career or collge/university pursuit in aquatic fitness
  • Proof of Eligibility- personal or parental financial records (includes 3 prior year tax returns)
  • Character References


Explore intern opportunities at AEA.  Earn credits by learning and working in the real world!  Opportunities in event planning, marketing, graphics, grant writing, fitness educational planning and more are available at various times throughout the year.  Please check out Careers/Positions Available for current intern opportunities at AEA.

• Certified Professionals & Members in over 45 countries
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